Questions to Ask Before Opting for Sensory Integration for Kids

Before taking up sensory integration in Abu Dhabi for kids, parents need to answer some important questions to see if their child is ready to go. Ask yourself a few questions to see if your child needs the intervention. It is better to see him/her first before deciding to buy them a special device or therapy. It is not only important to know about sensory integration, but also to encourage parents to monitor their child’s symptoms so they can do something about it in time. Here are some questions to ask and see if your child needs sensory integration:

1. Why is my child crying? Is he/she upset about something? If your child starts to cry, go and see him/her right away, and do not try to comfort him/her because this will only make things worse. Let them know that crying is natural and that you are there to listen to them. Do not buy them a toy that they cannot handle because they might end up hurting themselves or suffocating.

2. What is the cause of the crying? Parents should know what triggers their child’s tantrums or how they may be disturbed and should be able to avoid these triggers by doing some adjustments or by consulting with a professional regarding the situation.

3. Is my child afraid of going to school or going out? Children with Autism usually fear going out and interacting with other children because of their particular symptoms. If this fear is not intense or too high, it may just mean that they want to stay in their room or are not used to being alone. Parents can reassure themselves by asking their child if he/she feels safe or uncomfortable when they go out with friends. Some other signs may indicate that your child is ready for sensory integration.

4. How is my child doing with his/her homework? Parents should watch their children’s progress from the beginning, because it may be a symptom of autism. They should see a pattern emerging from the early stages and should be able to identify which skill or ability may be related to regaining their normal state.

5. How is my child doing in school? Kids with Autism normally have problems in school, and there are lots of reasons behind this. Questions to ask before sensory integration for kids can be used to see if this is indeed the case. Kids with Autism usually have problems in terms of socialization. They often don’t respond to teachers and peers, and this can be seen through their behavior in the classroom.