A quick look at things to do before hiring an accounting firm

Time and again, the businesses operating in UAE are subjected to terms and conditions. Though most of these remain the same as before, some stipulation are changed or see some adjustments here and there. There is a reason to all of this. You may have observed that a number of different types of companies operate in UAE. Off course, handling thousands of small and large companies is by no means an easy procedure.

The government and investment department sit together multiple times every year and think about how to keep a thorough check on all of these companies. Keeping a close watch on them is very much like keeping an eye on every individual in the country. It is a very difficult job and requires constant preparation and overview of existing and upcoming business and company laws in the country.  For this purpose, companies are intensely looking for proficient and reputable accounting firms in Abu Dhabi. Off course finding the right one can be anyone’s guess. For now, it is a fact that there is a scarcity of quality accounting consultants in UAE. Here is more on why how to keep your business adjusted with current and upcoming laws of the land:

Why accounting firms?

As discussed, the government is always in the hunt on how to improve the lifestyle and facilities of the people of the land. Off course, to spend on people, the government needs to collect taxes from those who are eligible. This includes salaried persons as well as businesses among other entities. Naturally, collecting taxes is not the only way to collect revenue, as enhancements to the tax net also help earn more revenue. The upcoming implementation of VAT is one such improvement. Though the implementation is still two months away, we are witnessing the government as well as citizens and businesses preparing to welcome it.

This situation will likely prevail until the tax is fully imposed. Once the law is in full action, we may see businesses flocking to find an accounting consultant, often even without considering the reputation of the consultant in the market.


Operating from the free zone? If so, you must explore reputable audit firms in Abu Dhabi  zone. Unlike other auditors, the audit firm will understand the requirements of free zone financial audit and will help your business comply with all the stipulations of free zone business operations. Naturally, the firm will keep your accounts and balance sheets in check and will help you grow over time.