Things You Should Avoid Storing in Storage Units

Below are a few things that you should not store in a storage unit. Some of these items include hazardous materials and wet items. Read this list and make sure it is complete before packing your belongings. You can also double-check your list if you wish. Listed below are some tips recommended by the best storage companies in Dubai to store different types of items safely. These tips apply to all types of storage units.

Hazardous materials:

To avoid accidents, be sure to use proper storage containers. Inspect labels for damage or missing information. Keep your storage rooms well-lit, and report any burned bulbs or damaged labels as soon as possible. You can also choose to use pallets to hold several containers. Depending on the material, the distance between storage areas may be restricted to a few feet. Incompatible materials should be stored separately.

Wet or damp items:

One of the most important rules to follow when storing items is to avoid placing any wet or damp items in your storage unit. Leaving wet items in storage can increase the humidity levels in the room, which can foster the growth of mold and mildew. This can cause your belongings to lose their value and functionality very quickly. This is especially true for items made of fabrics such as clothing and upholstery. You should dry all wet or damp items thoroughly before putting them into storage.


First of all, cleaning your furniture thoroughly is important before storing it in a storage unit. Try to do this a few days before. Wash your furniture with mild soap and water. For wooden furniture, you may need to use wood cleaner. It is best to use upholstery cleaner or a fabric cleaner for fabric items. This way, you can keep dust and other pests out of the storage unit.


Whether you need to store a few electronics or store your entire home temporarily, you need to pack them correctly to ensure the safest storage. Electronics are extremely delicate and can be very expensive to repair or replace. When packing your electronics, make sure to store them in a climate-controlled storage unit. This way, they’ll be protected from damage and remain functional for years.