A List of Equipment You Should Buy For Your Aesthetic Medical Center

You have finally decided to open an aesthetic medical center in Dubai, but you’re unsure what to buy yet. From a multi-application platform to an upgradeable IPL, here’s a list of the equipment you should consider purchasing. Read on for tips and tricks to help you decide which equipment you should purchase. Aesthetic devices are an investment that should be maintained properly to maximize their performance and extend their lifespan. By investing in routine maintenance and thorough inspections, you’ll prevent unexpected device failure and keep your clinic running at maximum efficiency.

Multi-application platform:

The Multi-Laser Plus platform is a customizable, multi-application laser+light platform used for aesthetic concerns. Designed to treat skin discoloration, dark tattoos, and other cosmetic concerns, the platform can also perform advanced combination treatments. Moreover, it boasts a top-hat homogeneous beam profile and five-spot sizes. In addition, it delivers consistent and effective results across the board.

Infrared camera:

An infrared camera has many advantages, including seeing deeper into the skin, a technique that is impossible with conventional photography. The camera requires a tripod and uses a narrow aperture with a slow shutter speed. To ensure sharp pictures, focus the camera on an infrared index mark, which is located at a distance equal to the wavelength of the light. This is especially important in the case of infrared photographs, as the longer wavelengths of light create diffraction effects.

Infrared streaming:

Infrared streaming equipment for aesthetic medical centers has several advantages. Infrared streams are beneficial for patients, but they are also incredibly safe. They can reduce the risk of infection and promote the healing of wounds. The best-infrared equipment for aesthetic medical centers will have an integrated IR camera and a cooling system to keep the patient cool during treatments. Aesthetic medical centers should invest in a device like this to help them maximize their clients’ satisfaction.

When selecting the right equipment for your aesthetic medical center, consider the features that make your patients happy. First, you must make sure that your medical aesthetics devices treat a wide range of skin types. While laser hair removal can be used on people of all skin tones, intensive pulsed light cannot. This is because the intense pulsed light machine interacts with melanin, which may burn patients with darker skin.