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IMG_1554.JPG (114434 bytes)

automatic left is higher than manual right

IMG_1569.JPG (117003 bytes)

automatic fits too high. a plate would have to be made to fit case back

IMG_1564.JPG (164293 bytes)

old movement has screws smaller and different place

IMG_1563.JPG (155049 bytes)

date ring left completely different than right original

an insert to fit and the tapping  of movement plate are required  to fit dialscrews

IMG_1568.JPG (165509 bytes)

no center staff/pinion for second hand


IMG_1570.JPG (120225 bytes)

with an insert case back fits and rotor basely turns

IMG_1559.JPG (102542 bytes)

new movement had three different numbers for stem, purchased all three

IMG_1560.JPG (98872 bytes)

old crown on new stem

IMG_1557.JPG (138821 bytes)

but discovered that hour wheel (on this style mobvement it is not a simple lift off andplace new one)

and possibly other wheels missing tweeth..